The LYFE HOUR Podcast is a dynamic Christian talk show, which tackles topics and issues that are relevant to believers. We also feature on the podcast some of the best gospel music out today. 



The LYFE HOUR airs live every tuesday at 8:00 PM right here on Please leave a comment and check out our previous episodes below. The LYFE Hour is hosted by Emissary, Stejha, Ms. Ende and Maine Solo.


Yo, it’s time we talk about it! The LYFE HOUR is here to dish those dating details that too many people just aren’t talking enough about! You need a place where you can get real and honest about your dating life, or lack thereof? You want some authentic perspectives from across the relationship spectrum? You just want some hope; some light at the end of this “tryna figure it out on my own” tunnel?

Tune in to this week’s episode of the LYFE HOUR where we attempt to pick this whole inevitable human connection thing apart…..unfiltered piece by unfiltered piece! Trust me, it’s goin down and you DO NOT want to miss these juicy nuggets of truth being shared on the topic of…..Christian Dating 101